"Don't Make Your Staff Be The Janitor"
A True Short Story...

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Is This The Person You Trust To Clean Your Office?
Do you think it’s a good idea to have your employees clean up their space in your office?

Here are a few things our undercover operations team have uncovered you might want to know about:
  • Your secretary doesn’t have time to clean because they’ve been putting out last minute problems all week for the entire staff and basically just wants to get home ASAP
  • Your sales guy hasn’t even been in about 80% of the week, and the five minutes he bothered to come in, he was wearing golf pants and carrying a putter.
  • Think Carl is going to do it? I mean, come on now. What does Carl even do? Do we even pay him anymore?  

It’s time for a professional cleaning and janitorial company. One whose job is solely focused on the best possible service for your business.

Don’t make it your employees second job - make it our first. If there’s one thing we love, it’s providing quality service, while your team is taking their rightfully deserved time off.

Except for Carl. I mean, really, what does he do?

Invest in your employees and let us help you give them a boost!  It won't cost you to let us put together an estimate.  You may be pleasantly surprised and we both know your employees will be excited about not having to clean up after Carl!
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